Pros and cons of front load and top load washing machines

Pros and cons of front load and top load washing machines

Washing machines are one of the hardest appliances to shop for, and the worst part is that it is going to stay with you forever, unless under rare instances, you consider changing it. Owing to the bulky size, they can be a real pain to transport. Plus the market is flooded with jargon that confused the most diligent shopper. If you are already confused with your decision about the right kind of washing machine, it is imperative for you to understand and make the right choice for your requirements and preferences.

Selecting the right washing machine can come with a serious cost down the line regarding electricity and water bills, calling for the service engineers, worn out clothes or simple inefficiency when it comes to washing the clothes. Even though there are a good number of whiz-bang features in the modern washing machines, some of them are awesome improvements on the older technologies. Keeping aside these things, you should look for the washing machines, which will be an ideal suit to your circumstances and help you save money and energy in the long run.

Front load vs top load washing machines
Your first step to choosing the best washing machine is to narrow down the choices to find out whether you need to opt for a front loader or a top loader. You may already have some preferences based on your previous experiences in terms of the models you have used, available laundry space and even the mobility. But it is important to consider the pros and cons of these two options to know which one would you suit the best:

Advantages and disadvantages of top loaders
The best part of the top loader machine is that it requires fewer repairs compared to the front loaders. It also comes with faster normal programs and at a much lower cost. They are lighter, which makes them easier to move and you can even add clothes after the cycle has started. The rinse performance is also much better compared to the front loaders.

But the top loaders can get harsher on clothes and use up more water compared to the other option. The machine may take up more energy, if you choose to wash in warm water.

Pros and cons of the front loaders
This type of washing machines can be gentler on the clothes, and they take up less water and less energy. You will get a range of washing options, programs and temperature settings in the wash options. The spin speed is much higher, and it would suit you even if you are running out of spaces.

But the downsides of these machines include longer wash cycles, higher spin speed and heavy to move. Some machines can rinse poorly due to their reduced water usage.

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