How to get free cell phone plans

How to get free cell phone plans

Anything for free today is welcome, even if it is something you don’t really need. Today, in the fast changing and competitive market, companies vie to attract customers by providing freebies and expanding their consumer base. This is true for every industry – freebies will always attract.

Telecom or telecommunication industry is one the most common industries where the battle to attract new customers is forever ongoing. So, it is natural that they provide a lot of their services for free. However, the actual fact is that most of the things may not be free as they advertise. They may offer a $0 mobile, buy one get one mobile free etc., but there are a lot of charges that are hidden behind the deals which the customer may know about only in the future.

If you are a light phone user and if your data and call usage is limited to a particular level, then there are options available like Freedompop. The company launched in the US market in the year 2012. The target of the company is the light phone users. Under the plan of Freedompop, you get the following benefits.

500 MB of free data every month.
200 minutes of talk time to any mobile in the US
500 text messages

You may find the plan amazing but there are some limitations for this plan. If you’ve opted for auto top up the time and you exceed your data limit of 500MB, you’ll be charged with $10 for the additional data you use However, regarding the voice and the text plan, there is an app for the company, and if you exceed the voice and the text too you can continue those services using that app. The one main drawback of the Freedompop is that you can’t use your own handset. Instead, you will need to use the device provided by them.

There exists a subsidized program in the US called the Lifeline’ phone service where you get phone and telecom services for free. However, this is limited to a group of low income people (people with an income of or below, 135% of the federal Poverty Guidelines). If you fall in this fraction, you can avail this service where you get a phone free of cost and certain amount of voice and data for free a month. One connection per customer or household can be availed if you are eligible.

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