Give your wardrobe a revamp with Target stores

Give your wardrobe a revamp with Target stores

Many believe that our clothing and sense of style defines who we are. The way we dress is a major indicator of the kind of lifestyle that we lead as well as the choices that we make in general. There are various kinds of statements that we can make. Thanks to Target stores, we can play around with various kinds of styles and put a refined look together. Check out the clothes that can give your wardrobe the perfect revamp!

Blazers: Get a blazer or two in a classic, solid hue so that you can wear it over a camisole or V neck tee short for a sophisticated look, which is also not too stiff or formal. You can choose a simple navy blue blazer that will match a number of garments starting from jeans to trousers as well. The blazer should be a high quality and well-fitting piece that will flatter you and your other clothing. Stay away from bulky pieces that have too wide shoulders because this might give the entire ensemble a rather dated look.

Tee-shirts: Everyone should possess a good range of tee shirts in various colors and prints. Stripes, prints and solid colors are must-haves when it comes to tee-shirts. Play around with styles like collared and round neck tee-shirts. It would be a good idea to stay away from round necks if you are top heavy. A V-neck tee will give you a slim and svelte look in such cases.

Skirts: One should have various kinds of skirts, depending on the figure and height. A pencil skirt is a formal staple that can be clubbed with an elegant button-down shirt or blouse for work, while the same skirt can be styled with a knotted tee-shirt and a long pendant for an edgy look. Try wearing pleated skirts with tee-shirts and polo necks as well as V necks for a classic look that is forever young.

Trousers: One should have cargo pants and formal trousers in neutral hues so that they can be matched with various kinds of tops right from formal shirts to crop tops and everything in between. Try on simple straight fit trousers for a casual look and printed cargo pants for a more fun look.

Jeans: Blue jeans and others in various colors like red, black and white are the perfect pieces that one should collect for the wardrobe so that they can be paired with different tops. Also, you can try camisoles with these jeans. Further, you can pick up denims with folded bottoms for a trendier look. Pairing jeans with a plain white shirt and then layering the look with accessories is an absolutely classic look that will never go out of style. So without investing in too many ensembles, pick up a few pairs from Target stores and play around with your look!

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