Customizing your android cell phone cases

Customizing your android cell phone cases

Customizing your mobile phone cases has got to be one of the most creative aspects that have popped up in the cellphone industry. It is literally like dress-picking outfits for your cell phone daily. Gone are the days when the cell phone cases used to be the mundane black, brown or the transparent ones. Nowadays, with a plethora of choices and themes available, one can have images on the cover, have themes (such as nautical theme, rugged theme, nature theme and what-not), and even have famous quotes printed on from movies and series, all according to one’s likes and moods. While one can customize prints on plastic mobile cases, today there are options to customize the leather android cell phone cases too:

Personalized Designer Cases: Designer cases are the designs which are already completed and ready for sale. Customizing these types of cases can be done only by adding a particular name or quote to the case, and not changing the design in entirety. For instance, if the background is white with the design only in partial space, one can request for the quote (or even one’s name) to be printed in the rest of the space. For those people looking for some more bling, these cases even come embellished and adorned with sparkly backgrounds and fancy stones.

Custom photo cases: Customizing designer mobile cases is not just about writing names or quotes one of the most popular ways of customizing android cell phone cases is by adding photos. Whether it is the perfect family photo captured with your camera or your favorite TV series cast photo or even a great nature shot, one can get it printed either across the case as a single photo or, even better, in a collage format. Customizing mobile cases could be more attractive for the kids because they get to embellish their favorite cartoon character or their first work of art.

Popular designs: After scoring a lot of websites, we have listed the most popular designs for you these include cheetah and leopard prints, plain shaded vibrant colors, zig-zag designer prints of different shades with a plain background etc. are the most popular customized designs. One can even find the user’s name printed on a plain white/black background as a very common custom design.

The only drawback of customizing cases is that they don’t provide protection against rain, aren’t shock-proof, etc., and only add good looks to the phone. Customizing is all about getting what you like on your mobile case. It is usually done on plastic cases but it again depends on the store options. With technology and customer satisfaction at its peak, one can get it done through online shopping websites as well.

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