3 best appointment scheduling software programs of 2018

3 best appointment scheduling software programs of 2018

Business scheduling software programs make life easy for clients by scheduling and paying for appointments as well as other related services. There is a high dependency on a business scheduling software as it does the job of three to four individuals in a small business. There different types of business scheduling apps that cater to different businesses depending on the volume of the services required by them. Following are the three best business scheduling software programs for small businesses, large operations, and marketers.

Square Appointments software for small businesses
This is one of the best software for small businesses, as it starts without any fee; the software is free of cost for a single user. It also has a strong, stable cloud-based scheduling tool possessing a user-friendly client interface, and a complete guidelines suite for inventory management tools, business, and sales. Furthermore, you will also get built-in credit card processing at relatively low rates. It also has no hidden costs for features, and all the features are available for the free user. The only downside to this software might be the simplicity of the app, but we believe this only works in the favor of the user.

Acuity Scheduling software for large operations
Acuity Scheduling is recommended as the finest business scheduling software for large operations as it has great potential for growing operations. It has four different plans for the company to choose from, including a free plan. However, unlike Square Appointments, all the features are not available in the free plan. In their approximately $25 per month plan, you will get six staff or location calendars, and in about $50 powerhouse plan you are entitled to 36 staff or location calendars. This is another reason why this software qualifies to be the best for large operations.

Bookeo Appointments software for marketers
This software is apt for marketers as it combines the appointment scheduling features with outstanding marketing features, making it a complete package. It has features like a built-in email and text marketing option, it also integrates the social and deal sites. For example, through this software, you can collect customer information, execute marketing membership offers and campaign emails, as well as make direct promotional posts on Facebook and Twitter.

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